baby girl!

spencer is here & already 6 weeks old! hooray!! she’s doing great & we all adore her.. especially owen❤






we weren’t going to try again.. but my doctor suggested trying the supplement pregnitude.. we were very blasé about it.. maybe it’d give me a period more than once a year. less than 4 weeks later, i was pregnant. we found out on father’s day.. the same day we found out about owen! and my due date is right around his 4th birthday!! i’m already showing.. it’s bananas!! we are very excited (nervous of course) & can’t wait for owen to be a big brother!!!:)


3 years old.


owen is 3 years old today! and i am feeling the way i thought i would have at other milestones & birthdays: so in love with him that his aging depresses me. i haven’t really, truly felt that way before. his whole life has been one crisis after another.. colic, teeth from hell, psychotic screaming fits after a simple trip to the grocery store, more teeth from hell, the terrible-twos-that-were-actually-at-like-1 1/2, breakdowns, tantrum hell. but now. it’s different. it’s like we are actually coming out from the black cloud of hell-child. he sleeps, he eats, he talks in well formed sentences, he uses the potty (100% of the time since he was 2.4 years old WOOHOO!), he helps around the house, he brushes his teeth, he sings songs, he hugs and kisses because HE wants to, he is a delight at parties, social butterfly everywhere, he is gentle and kind and shares and gives and plays happily (cars cars cars cars!), he likes flossing his teeth, and has the most amazing imagination ever. he is curious, insightful, meticulously observant,intense, beyond energetic, introspective and imaginative. and boy, does this kid love to talk.. he literally constantly tells us about how he sees the world. sure, he still acts his age and freaks out randomly.. but overall.. this kid is a joy. and i finally feel that way about him. obviously, i’ve always loved him beyond measure (or as we say at bedtime “to the end of the universe and back!” and yes, he knows all the planets.. oh and numbers to 100 and the ABC’s are old news), but it’s different now. i have always been looking forward to the next step/milestone/age/whatever in hopes that would bring him some peace.. as he has always seemed so frustrated by life. now i feel like he is not so frustrated ALL THE TIME, he is able to be peaceful and happy and OWEN. and with his peace (that is a relative word. he is still nutty) comes my happiness and pride.. and relief that he’s not innately unhappy. but also with this new age, i have the feeling that THIS is the time i will miss the most. when i’m old and he is off at school being too busy for his suffocating mother, i will long for these days where he makes me laugh, and these nights where he insists that i sing him to sleep.

happy birthday to my  beautiful miracle


2 years and 9 months

i breast fed my amazing son for 2 years and 9 months. it’s officially been 2 weeks since he last nursed. i am (and will probably forever be) mourning the loss of that particular relationship.. but.. my heart is full of pride for our accomplishment and for the awesome kid that he has become. and i believe nursing has only made both of us better people.

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